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There’s never been a better time to explore innovative, impactful change. How do we develop meaningful conversations to transform our cultural moment?

We get clear on our vision. We use our voice.
We cultivate presence.

Hi, I’m Bryn McCoy

I’m a psychologist, creative leadership coach, product designer, and business advisor to dozens of startups + 37 of the Fortune 500.  More importantly, I’m also a mother and a wellness advocate. My holistic approach to leadership makes a difference.

I love to collaborate with other creative leaders to develop transformative experiences.  In some of my favorite work, I’ve led innovative ventures with industry pioneers including IDEO, Motorola, Threadless, IBM and The Oprah Winfrey Network. I also co-founded Citizen Made, an award-winning product design and ecommerce platform.

The world needs more innovative work and courageous leadership. Mineral’s principles and practices support us on our paths to become more integrated people + inspired leaders.


My leadership coaching and creative development processes put people first,  starting with you
so you can successfully navigate challenges and deliver on your mission.

Creative Leadership Coaching

Group Coaching Circle

Innovation Program Design



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Notes from Experience

I worked with Bryn at the Oprah Winfrey Network to launch Brené Brown’s first online learning program. She brings an incredible drive to apply cutting-edge tech to solve problems. I’ve seen very few people that can seamlessly transition between design and engineering; Bryn went beyond that by combining her talents to help tell and teach important stories. 

–Alex D.

Bryn has the ability to listen to what I’m imagining. Me, a non-designer. And from that, she’s able to pull out the details that create something beautiful.

–Stephanie K.


With Bryn’s background in technology, art and design I know that she will tackle problems differently than anyone else in my network. This always results in a fresh perspective. I seek her out for problems that do not have a standard path towards a solution.

–Madison M.


Many thanks to the friends and colleagues that have shared my work and given me more opportunities to connect.

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“It’s not what the vision is, it’s what the vision does.”
– Robert Fritz