Cultivate your creative leadership.

Personalized development programs to clarify vision, connect with your people, and create impact through your work.

Looking for the Fast Track?

Mineral’s In Body system takes a closer look inside. We identify what’s happening in the body then guide you through practices for nervous system attunement and enhanced awareness to break through blocks + fast-track your impact.

About Mineral

Hi, I’m Bryn McCoy – and I love to bring courageous, innovative work into its place in community. As a creative director, serial entrepreneur and design professor, I’ve played a part in hundreds of inventive journeys. Along the way I’ve learned that successfully launching the work that matters takes more than craft, more than a market.

The development programs at Mineral cultivate the truths that move us to do more, be more–to become the creative leaders who inspire transformative change.

Join me in the studio! Mineral supports you through a holistic process of personal development, creative exploration + transformative leadership

Group Coaching Circle
Creative Leadership Coaching
Innovation Program Design

Creative Leadership Coaching

Receive support to develop new competence, get past barriers in aspects of your life, or open new possibilities for growth. We’ll create space and momentum for your personal development, and find fulfillment in creative transformation.

The Good Word


I worked with Bryn at the Oprah Winfrey Network to launch Brené Brown’s first online learning program. She brings an incredible drive to apply cutting-edge techniques for exploring problems. I’ve seen very few people that can seamlessly transition between design and engineering; Bryn went beyond that by combining her talents to help tell and teach important stories. 



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