For entrepreneurs + innovative leaders who want to infuse more creativity and impact into work + life

Mineral is a studio for creative leadership.
Our holistic practices to develop vision, voice 
+ impact will not only transform your work–
they also feel really, really good.

Write the book.
Start the company.
Build the app.
Produce the show.
Take the lead.
What’s next?

Mineral uses integral coaching, biofeedback and experience design to cultivate your most meaningful voice and creative breakthroughs.

Program design to balance your intelligence centers
Awareness and attunement of the strategic cognitive, intuitive emotional + embodied instinct

Experiential practices to cultivate intuition + insight
Centering for enhanced mindfulness, reduced stress + greater resilience

Integral coaching ties it all together
Our work extends beyond the focus on immediate challenges to examine the full, complete self

You’ll move forward with the power and confidence of being wholly integrated, of being fully yourself.

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The Mineral Practice

The creative blocks that impact our progress can be very challenging to identify and resolve.  By settling deeper into what we appreciate, we find what we already know. We discover that we’re holding many conversations with a future that we don’t yet acknowledge, while our unarticulated, instinctive self understands fully.

Mineral’s experiential practices include–

Audio + visual observation
Mindfulness practices
Creative field studies
Embodied leadership

Cheers to being the change

Our communities need more creative leadership. From the struggles we see up close in our families to the global collaboration needed to support a flourishing environment, opportunities for new solutions abound. Bring it. Bring your vision into our world.

On the way up, as you chart your course + push for change – you have the capacity to do more, be more. And you’ve found this community of makers, movers, and shakers to amplify your potential.

Each one of us is here to make a difference, to make it – more beautiful, more relevant, more sustainable, more effective, more effervescent –

Because we can.