The Mineral App helps you track and improve your personal mastery

Mineral uses Augmented Reality to identify the body’s tension then guides you through physical and mental stress management practices, nervous system attunement, and enhanced emotional awareness.

The Mineral Practice

The subconscious blocks that impede your progress can be very challenging to identify and resolve.  

Mineral’s practices include–

Assessment of tension + balance
Observation + reflection on physical, mental + creative blocks 
Mindful movement 
Embodied leadership

Run the race.
Start the company.
Write the book.
Produce the show.
Take the lead.
What’s next?

Mineral’s focus on physical experience fast-tracks the process to develop new competency, get past barriers in aspects of your life, and open new possibilities for growth. Our methodology leverages integral coaching, biofeedback and experience design to cultivate your most meaningful breakthroughs.

Program design to balance your intelligence centers
Awareness and attunement of the strategic cognitive, intuitive, emotional intelligence + embodied instinct

Experiential practices to cultivate intuition + insight
Centered in your body for enhanced mindfulness, reduced stress + greater resilience

Integral coaching ties it all together
Our work extends beyond the focus on immediate challenges to examine the full, complete self

By settling deeper into your embodied experience, you’ll find what you already know. You’ll discover that you’re holding many conversations with a future that you don’t yet acknowledge, while your unarticulated, instinctive self understands fully.

You’ll move forward with the power and confidence of being wholly integrated, of being fully yourself.


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